December 14, 2022 | Earthquake | Insurance Coverage | Risk Mitigation

Is your Earthquake Insurance Policy Covering the Essentials?

Check out the additional coverage you need that comes standard in ICAT’s Earthquake policies.

When purchasing Earthquake insurance, it is essential to ensure your needs are covered. While some policies may look affordable on the surface, they may lack the coverage you need when a catastrophic event occurs. The great news is, these come standard in ICAT’s earthquake policies!

Ensuing Water Loss

Ensuing water loss is water damage to covered property that results from a covered peril. Did a plumbing line break after an earthquake cause water damage to the property? Ensuing Water Loss is important to look for in earthquake coverage as water systems are particularly susceptible to damage during an earthquake.


The foundation is the base structure of your home or property and is integral in ensuring the safety of the building. Earthquakes and seismic activity can cause cracks in the foundation, leading to even more extensive damage. Foundation repairs can be expensive. Make sure you have your base covered!

Unscheduled Additional Property

Unscheduled Additional Property generally covers additional property that is not itemized on the coverage. This can mean items like clothing, jewelry and smaller electronic equipment. While general quake insurance covers the big things, it is essential to consider the smaller items.

So, how does your policy stack up? At ICAT, we want to ensure our clients have the right coverage. The above are all included in our base policy. Ready to compare? Check out this brochure. Don’t forget to take a look at additional insurance options! We are always here to answer any questions.