May 27, 2020

Preparing for Hurricane Season Amid COVID-19

Preparing for the 2020 hurricane season looks a bit different from previous years. Not only is this year’s season predicted to be a busy one, but preparing for hurricanes while COVID-19 still remains a concern is a new challenge. We are all in uncharted territory, but ICAT is here to help you prepare.

Create Your Emergency Plan

Follow the steps below to be certain you and your family are prepared if disaster strikes. If you already have an emergency plan created, take the time to review it to ensure the current pandemic is being taken into account.

  1. Determine how you will receive emergency alerts and warnings.
  2. Create a shelter plan and an evacuation route. Check with local officials for updated shelters this year. Due to COVID-19, your regular shelter might not be open this year. If you are physically and financially able, staying with family members, friends or in a hotel further inland are safe alternatives to a shelter that will allow you to continue to maintain social distancing recommendations.
  3. Create a communication plan.
  4. Create or update your emergency preparedness kit (see below for details).
  5. Have a plan in place for your pets. Identify shelters, pet-friendly hotels or an out-of-town friend or relative where you can take your pets in an evacuation. Local animal shelters can be a good resource to offer advice on what to do with your pets if you have to evacuate your home.

Gather Your Supplies

Having an emergency preparedness kit in an easy to grab-and-go container or bag is essential to being prepared in the event of a hurricane or other disasters. In light of COVID-19, we’ve updated this year’s suggested supplies to include facemasks, sanitizer and soap.

Additional supplies to consider:

  • Multi-purpose tool (scissors, swiss army knife)
  • Extra fuel for generator/car
  • Towels/wipes
  • Sleeping Bags/Blankets
  • A Change of Clothes
  • Sanitation/Personal Hygiene items
  • Pet/Baby items

Storing and Maintaining Your Kit

  • Keep in a cool, dry place
  • Replace expired items as needed
  • Consider keeping one at home, at work and in your car in case you need to grab-and-go in the event of an emergency.

By following the tips above, you’ll be better prepared if disaster strikes. Check out the 2020 hurricane season predictions to learn what the experts are predicting this season has in store. ICAT is here and ready to help you recover if a hurricane strikes.

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