March 08, 2023 | Insurance Coverage | Risk Mitigation

Roof Maintenance & Your Insurance

Your roof is one of the primary exterior protection barriers, and it is essential to keep it well maintained. Did you know your roof can also affect your insurance rate and eligibility? Insurance companies will always want to see the condition and age of the roof. Here are a few steps you can take to maintain your roof.

Replace It

If your roof is over 20 years old, consider replacing it. Roofs 20 years or older may be ineligible for coverage.

Repair Damage

Repair any damage done to the roof. Ensure you use a reputable contractor and avoid using quick fixes or ‘patchwork jobs’ as this may make the property ineligible for coverage.

Remove Debris

It is important to remove debris after storms and clean clogged gutters. Your neighbor’s kids probably want their frisbee back as well.

Document Damage & Repairs

Have current photos taken of the roof. This will help show the original state if damage occurs. You need to document any damage to the roof after a storm. When you submit a claim, generally, the field adjuster will be the one to take these photos. Documenting and having pictures of any repairs or upgrades is also a good idea.

Discuss Any Improvements Made with Your Agent

If you replace your roof or make any significant repairs, make sure you talk to your agent. Your agent will help ensure you have the proper coverage, and the new roof may save costs.