Catastrophe Resources

Read more about hurricane and earthquake information and science, and find out steps you can take to protect your home, business, family and property in the event of a catastrophe.

Storm Tracking

ICAT Active Events—Visit our ICAT Active Events page for the latest updates on active events.

ICAT Hurricane Damage Estimator—ICAT developed this site to provide easy access to historical hurricane damage information.

National Hurricane Center—The official source for Gulf & East Coast forecasts.

Central Pacific Hurricane Center—The official source for Pacific forecasts (including Hawaii).

Hurricane Information and Resources

Seasonal Hurricane Forecasts

Tropical Storm Risk
Forecast by Mark Saunders of the University College London.

NOAA Climate Prediction Center - Atlantic
Forecast for Gulf & East Coast by the U.S. Government.

NOAA Climate Prediction Center - Pacific
Forecast for Pacific Ocean by the U.S. Government.

Hurricane Preparedness

Flood Maps from FEMA
Are you located in an official flood zone?  Check here.

National Hurricane Center’s Preparation Guide
Tips and tools to prepare for a storm.

Historical Hurricane Information

National Hurricane Center Archive
Detailed storm information from 1958-present.

Unisys Tropical Data
Summary storm information from 1851-present.

University of Colorado Damage Statistics
Storm damage research from 1900-2005.

Hurricane Science

Frequently Asked Questions
A great resource from Dr. Chris Landsea.

National Weather Service Hurricane Course
A brief illustrated guide to hurricane science.

Earthquake Information and Resources

Current & Historical Earthquakes

View the Latest Quakes around the World Click on multiple maps to zoom in to your area of interest.

Search for Past Earthquake Information Enter various search variables to obtain information on over 2,000 years of quakes.

Earthquake Preparedness & Protection

7 Steps to Earthquake Safety—Compliments of the Earthquake Country Alliance

Be a Hero!—FEMA’s site for educating kids about earthquakes and other disasters

Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills—Participate in the next Great ShakeOut

Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country—Tips from the Earthquake Country Alliance

Earthquake Science & Data

The Science of Earthquakes—Part of the Earthquake Hazards Program by the U.S. Geological Survey

Earthquake Hazard Maps—Maintained by FEMA

Northern California Earthquake Data

Southern California Earthquake Data

Pacific Northwest Earthquake Data

Intermountain West Earthquake Data

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