March 08, 2023 | Insurance Coverage | Risk Mitigation

How your Roof Affects Your Insurance.

The roof of your home or business is one of the primary protectors against disaster damage. Maintaining your roof is not only crucial to keeping your overall property protected, but it affects your insurance as well.

Insurance companies will look at the following in regard to your roof when insuring your property:

Roof Age

One of the first things an insurance company will want to know is the roof’s age. Roofs over 20 years old may not be eligible for insurance coverage. Generally, a newer roof means a lower rate, but factors like roofing material and prior damage will also be considered.


Not all roofing materials are created equal. The insurance company may deem certain materials more favorable depending on your geographic location. There may also be specific building codes pertaining to roof types in your area that you must abide by to be insured.


Insurance companies will want to ensure that the roof is in good shape with no prior damage. If damage happens, it is essential to have it repaired by a reputable contractor with the proper materials. Improper patchwork jobs may result in a higher premium or make the property ineligible for insurance.


The shape of the roof will factor into your insurance cost. Depending on the geographical area, certain roof shapes may better withstand the elements in that area.